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    Since the early days of P2P we've seen a huge improvement in the technology behind it. It all started with the simple server-based solution Napster. Soon we saw improvements like a distributed network, downloading from multiple sources, etc. Yet in the user experience not much has changed at all. The freeware program MoodAmp breaks this trend and introduces one-click-P2P.

    The concept is simple: You turn downloading on and the music will start coming in. The music to download is selected in the same way you would do it yourself; you download music from artists you like and try to find similar artists and download their songs.

    To find the artists you like, MoodAmp allows you to rate the songs that it plays. To find new songs, a connection is made to a music recommendation service and the recommended artists are added to the download list.

    You donít need to know about networks, music formats, download accelerators, queues and firewalls. You donít need an mp3 collection, all you need to join the P2P hype is MoodAmp. Anyone can do it, P2P for dummies!

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    one question. . .
    does this share every mp3 on my hard drive on gnutella irreguardless of copyright?
    nice app though.

    EDIT: maybe add mp3shield or something to filter out all the fakes on gnutella

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    Great, another pseudo-Gnutella program to prevent connecting to me when I run BearShare.

    Almost none of these new players have the FOGGEST CLUE about actually following the open protocol specs and usually make such a mess of it that they closely resemble a Denial Of Service Attack.

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    i prefer listening to internet radio and then looking the songs up in another p2p program.
    sure you need 2 programs that way, but i already use itunes and shareaza so it's no burden.
    plus, i want to know what's being downloaded on my computer.


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