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    Hello I'm Nicole,

    I Run on "Windows XP Home Edition" as the Administrator. It requires a password when the loggon screen appears. There are also 2 other user accounts you can also logon to (Password), but are limited in access.

    Because the other user accounts are limited, I sometimes logon as administrator, then walk away from the computer and let others use my Administrator priviledges. Is there anyway they could have found out my Password? I know it would be easy for them to change or reset it. But could they actually find out what my current Password is? Are they able to find a way to logon with Administrator rights without me knowing it?



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    I don't think there is, at least not easily, but what they might have done is while they were signed on as you, they might have changed one of the other user accounts to give it more administrative rights than you would have liked!

    Check the other accounts settings if you think something may have been done that shouldn't have been!

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    Check their accounts and you are probably best to change your password if you think they may have found it out. The main way they could have found your password is via the Hint you left incase you forgot. Often people who know you or have a rough idae can guess the answer and if they are right well they know your password. Its a popular method of getting Hotmail passwords so i advice removing it or making sure it will remind you and no one else. I suspect it would be very hard for the password to be read simply from within the account as i would hope M$ encrypted it or similar (Im no expert in this area of the OS) .
    Anyway thats my advice and if you think they should get privilages give them it rather than let them on your admin account if you dont want them to access it.

    Hope this helps somewhat,

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    Hi ,Nicole welcome to the board , I find this site is great . Its not updated a lot , but I still find it informitive .


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