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Thread: Ad-aware Se

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    Reported to be release at August 09/2004.

    Download Links:

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    Thankx spock , hey whats adaware pro ? I mean what features would it have, I wonder? I bookmarked that site, it's a keeper.

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    Professtional Version is not a great difference.
    The only feature if you purchase pro/plus version is that it has ad-watch.
    In my opinion ad-awatch is pretty useless. Just download the free version its exactly the same preformance as pro/plus.

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    Hey all,
    Well the lavasoft news article is available here it tells details about the new SE and also they have replaced the product details of the older versions with SE. It seems they are continuing the Standard , Plus and Plus Profesional levels of product.
    Not sure if ill bother updating my core version or if it will come in a update as it seems they will release the Reference files with continued support for the previous version of software.

    Thanks for the infos Spock

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    on something.
    I can still update my adaware 6 (pro).

    But I take it this is the next step?

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    It seems like this is a "new" version of adaware and i think it will have more fewture but the spec doesnt seem to boast a huge improvment in the actual spyware detection although it does mention some improvments in that area I think i will stick with version 6 pro unit i hear some amazing stories about the SE version and Spybot search and destroy(I think thats what is called ) is still at my side so im not running out to download the new version yet


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    Okay If you purchased Pro/Plus Version you can upgrade forever on what versions they come up with. But if you downloaded it and cracked it good luck being up to date. Like I said Plus/Pro don't make a difference the only feature is ad-watch nothing special and some tweaks that you can't do in personal (free) version.

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    Definately download the new version. I just updated and scanned my comp with adaware 6.0 a couple days ago, and found like 1 thing.

    Today, I downloaded SE and found like 30 things. There's defiantely some major improvements.

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    I cleaned which found 2 items then installed the newer version which automatically uninstalls the older and did a the suggested "full" scan with the newer and found 36 items which were all tracking cookies maybe since I had not set the previous to do a "full" scan, either way it seems like a worth while upgrade...

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    The pro version is better then SE version, isnt?

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