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Thread: Sharing More Files Than Visible

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    I'm sharing files that are not visible in "My Kazaa".
    I know how to enable the maps i want to share,but apparently
    the information on the files i 'm supposed to be sharing is incorrect.
    Because the map i'm sharing is disabled . This is strange.
    What to do ?

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    what are the files extention?

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    Thanks for your fast reply.
    You probably meant what drive, it's E>
    But it seems i'm sharing things on my C drive
    that don't appear in "My Kazaa..."

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    B.t.w sorry for posting the same question twice but it didn't seem to appear
    on the board (when i rebooted it did)

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    Oops, i explained it wrong.
    I'm apparently sharing other files on my E drive
    that don't appear in "My Kazaa..."

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    These are probably just spyware, trojans, or viruses.

    Either that or Windows XP thumbnail files.

    In any case, you better resolve the issue quickly.

    Check your uploads window of Kazaa after it runs for a long time to see if you've uploaded any files you didn't know you had shared.

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    Thanks for your reply


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