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Thread: Failed To Connect In Kazaa

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    I have an Internet connection via LAN. Normally, when I use my account to connect Internet, Kazaa can run very well.
    But recently, I cannot use Kazaa anymore, the Traffic, Search are transparent.
    However, I still can use Internet Explorer to surf web.

    Is my account banned from using Kazaa?

    Somebody helps me, please?

    Thank a lot in advance

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    No, your account is not banned, you just can't find a supernode to connect to.

    Maybe your internal supernode list is so out of date that you just can't get a connection. See if this thread helps.

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    Thank you for your quick reply but I think my problem cannot be solved by adding supernode. Because my account in LAN to access Internet is banned from using Kazaa.

    Have you heard about the Socks2HTTP which will help to run P2P software in a network preventing from using SOCK.

    I have installed this SOCKS2HTTP and connected it successfully to my LAN server. But still, Kazaa cannot connect.

    Anybody has good idea, please tell me.

    Thank you

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    Have anyone connect Kazaa sucessfully after a firewall using such programs as SOCKS2HTTP or HTTP-tunnel?

    If you have any experience, please share with me.



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