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    I wrote ALL this, stapled and sewed an envelope together, drew pictures, and added a red rose. and put it on this girls car (the one on the right) around 4 in the morning.

    i fell in love with her..

    the first time i saw you
    you were standing on the edge
    a scandelous sillhiotte against the cresent moon
    you just stood there
    your eyes fixed upon the skies
    staring straight into the heavens
    then you turned around
    and for a brief moument we were face to face
    i stood staring into your eyes
    you turned away
    walked out the door and you were gone
    smoke left in your haste

    at that point i knew there was something about you
    something that i thought i already knew
    it was deep inside
    but nothing you would ever hide...

    A year has past
    i see you again
    i don't even know where to begin
    you always seem to make my breath spin
    so there we were united once again
    bouncing up and down
    while running round and round
    every second stretched the hour
    while every moument was anything but sour
    we sang and danced and everything but romanced
    it seemed the day would never end
    then i saw you again
    this time the sky was black
    and i suffered my first attack
    with a swollen fist
    well you get the jist
    for the days to come
    i thought you and i were done
    as hard as i tried, i couldn't let you go
    you seemed to di out your very own space in my soul
    a place where you shall stay forever

    we lost contact later
    but as always i saw you again
    you'd think two weeks'd be a sin
    i thought i knew everything about you
    your smile, your toch, all but your soft kiss
    but everyday brought something brand new
    something to look foward to
    so that's what i'd do
    i'd tack all my time together and spend it with you

    as i did, time seemed to stand still
    like a broken hour glass
    sand flowing out of the edges
    too full and rich to contain
    that's where we were
    brusting with passion
    flowing with love and energy
    noglass to confy our two beings
    no shards to cut us apart
    together and unseperable
    i wouldn't have gave it up for the world

    through and through i sit daydreaming
    watching the clouds as they pass by
    the sands of time moving again
    the glass restored
    and the barrier resurrected
    I could say i'm sorry for what i did
    but the truth is, although it paihns me
    is that if ic ould turn back time
    i wouldn't touch a thing
    as we begin to break contact more and more
    as the walls begin to rise higher and higher
    as i replay it over and over in my head
    i just want to get the chance to lose you again...
    even if it was so i could say goodbye

    but if we could start again
    i know how i'd begin
    i remeber you saying
    i'd be good at dating
    that's the only thing i'll ever regret
    i never got a chance
    witha stupid tie on
    a small smirk on my face
    a few hits of cologne
    and those few fearful seconds before i hit the bell
    only to watch you walkdown the stairs
    i'd take you out
    rose in hand
    our toes curled up the sand
    watching the stars creep overhead
    the fire turning a yellowish-red
    with candles slowly flickering the night away
    just bright enough to make you wish to stay

    what do you think?
    I miss the days of random nut '03
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    I think you need to learn the difference between poetry and prose.

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    Originally posted by lightshow@10 August 2004 - 06:48
    I wrote ALL this, stapled and sewed an envelope together, drew pictures, and added a red rose. and put it on this girls car (the one on the right) around 4 in the morning.


    what do you think?
    seems like a lot of effort to ask a girl to review your prosem
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