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Thread: Not Sharing Any Files

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    :helpsmile: ok what gives i've been using kazaa for about a year, i moved and rebuilt my comp with my old hard drive that still had all my music,software,and video so i reinstall kazaa and it says not sharing any files when i,ve got about 600, and everytime i go to my kazaa button it has to find all my files everytime kazaa closes (takes about 2 hours). my settings are all right i have sharing files on,trust me i want to share..... :helpsmile: can someone help :helpsmile:

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    Hi allskiillz

    You can try this, too see if Kazaa is working at all:

    1) Create a new shared folder (example "TestFolder").
    2) Move just a few songs (lets say three songs) that You want to share to TestFolder.
    3) Start Kazaa.
    4) Change the seeting in Kazaa (shared folder) to popint to Your new TestFolder.
    5) Restart Kazaa.

    If Kazaa is able to find Your three songs now in Your new TestFolder and You are able to close the program without time lag, You know that the program is working correctly, and the problem could have been caused by some strange error regarding Your old shared folder (some corrupt pointer or corrupt file).

    Just my two cents...


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    If hammonds idea won't solve your problem, find and delete .dbb files. Restart K-Lite.


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