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    Ok, I have 2 2.0ghz computers. Lets say I have one running in a barebone linux O/S useing less than 50mb of it's 512mb RAM. Now I have an entire 3D game shared on it's shared folder policy and the game is of a 3D class made a year or two ago.

    Now I have the second 2.0ghz computer with a graphics card that's twice as fast. I remotely run the game over the network having the 1rst computer do File Processing, CPU loading, Ram Loading... then the second computer uses the power of it's graphics card and a somewhat CPU, RAM, Hardrive (small amounts).

    With this setup, and let's say the game does run.. would it run faster?

    I mean, with all the added up parts, I should get a combined power of:
    4.0ghz CPU
    1gb DDR Ram
    128mb 8 pixel pipeline radeon 9500 Pro
    400GB HD space total all running at 7200 RPM though

    The network is a 10mbps speed so files literally copy at 9-10mb all the time normally.

    Has anyone tried this? Any websites?

    I heard of a guy who used his ol emachine 800mhz peice of crap as a 40gb Dedicated Digital Camera Photo Server. He completely had it formated and installed windows 2000 with all resource hogs turned off and everything. He's a major photographer, so he has tons and tons of burned DVDs of image backups etc not to mention already a few hundred on his emachine. Basicly it's shared through his 2Wire router. He says when his normal computer is running slow sometimes (no defrag for awhile and such).. the shared photo folder on the 800mhz loads much faster than everything else on his 1.4ghz. Heh, shows shareing with a barebone os with no programs installed hardly can give ya a fast folder to work with.

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    I'm no expert but I believe the 10mbps would be a major bottleneck.

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    im lost
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    Originally posted by mattesca@10 August 2004 - 11:57
    im lost

    I dont really think that would work...
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    Y not just get dual xeons
    Need a cheap/easy way of modding your xbox? Check this out.

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    Originally posted by apunkrockmonk@10 August 2004 - 17:50
    I'm no expert but I believe the 10mbps would be a major bottleneck.
    100mbps is what i ahev and the standard, also what about the regestry?

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    most games done need registery for some reason, caz i transfered alot of games to another computer and they all worked

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    I don't think anyone has got around to designing games which will work that way. What you are effectively talking about is called load balancing, but the software has to be written to specifically handle that, and you have to have load balancing OS extensions.

    All of that works out VERY expensive, and the likelyhood of the games makers selling many systems like that are so small they aren't going to bother.

    Shame though, I like your thinking.
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    gigabytes of data go through the ram and cpu. gb's of it are going to the video card, some u don't see, and some mbs go to the hard drivees or other peripherals (or come in).
    10mbps will do nothing.

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    ive tried it. it works on old games with atrocious loading times but ok gameplay(talkinng of rollercoaster tycoon and stronghold and various isometric games ).

    i think it writes what it needs on to the gaming pc's temp and RAM. and i'm pretty sure it does nothing other than load textures and sound and so on. so unless its an oldish game and you have no space on your hard-drive its pointless. on another note i think theres apps like truespace and vegas studio that have been designed to remotely use another pc's resources

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