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Thread: Your Online Status And Supernode In This Forum

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    Is it possible to show in this forum if you are on line in Kazaa and who your current supernode is?

    Does anyone know or can make script that can do this?

    If we can get this working it would sure ease up the use of the hashes.

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    Nope, not possible in this forum, but the default start page can tell you who your current supernode is.

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    What kind of fool do you take me for Great Dude?

    Of course I know that.

    But i just thought it would be kind of nice if this forum could tell your online status and current supernode.

    That would make swapping rare files more easy. Maybe I should refrase the question. This forum hasn't got this option but i it possible to write a javascript that can do this?

    There are forums that show your online status in MSN, so why shouldn't this be possible with Kazaa?

    Any javascript expert out there that can write such a script?

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    I stand by my statement. It's most likely not going to happen and if it does, I'll be suprised.

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    I dont see how this is possible as what your asking for would have to be updated to allow for the fact that supernodes change frequently.Also IP's aren't allowed to be posted here whether they be normal or dyn ip's,so i cant see this happening.

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    Well maybe I am just a dreamer, dreaming my life away.

    Who said posting IP's is needed? I would go for a name and some kind of link like:

    KaZupernodes://Set Supernode:Iport.

    I know Supernodes change, but not that frequently. I have been at Clifton the entire weekend.

    And it doesn't have to be this forum. I just want to know if such a script can be made. That's all. If it can't be done, so be it.

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    I'm with The_Great_Dude on this one. even if it were possible, having it active would grind the forum to a halt
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    great idea, but this means it will track and will have to keep in track of alot of people...this just...hard thing isn't it?

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    It may be hard but not impossible I was told.

    Just wait and see. There may be a surprise in the making.


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