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Thread: K-lite Codec Pack + Bsplayer + Ogm

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    I use bsplayer as my primary player since I like it the best for now. However, and I've posted on the bsplayer forum, it doesn't seem to play .ogm videos while others can. I have only installed the codecs using the K-lite Codec Pack and was sure to check on all the OGM options (audio+video) during the codec pack install.

    I know this is probably a bsplayer problem but I was wondering if anyone can help me narrow down the problem since this might help out the K-lite Codec Pack as well.

    After the ogm loads into bsplayer, I can see that it has decoded it enough to know the run-length of the video. Also I can drag to various positions of the movie and can see the frame rendered. It just won't play. Could it be something to do with sound? I don't see any error messages. It just won't play.

    Running G-Spot on the video file reports it uses Ogg Vorbis for sound. Perhaps K-lite Codec is registering that audio codec in a way BSPlayer doesn't recognize/detect?

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    I checked what GSpot v2.21 reports and under the "Audio" section, the Stat field reports "Codec NOT Installed! [more info...]"

    I don't understand this enough. But If I click the "Render" button, it seems to detect everything okay even though there is that "Codec NOT Installed!" message in the Audio section.

    Is this an issue with the K-lite Codec Pack installation?

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    As I can recall, this was a BSplayer problem. I think it is fixed in the latest version of it.

    Try the latest beta of the K-Lite Codec Pack. That cantains the newest version of BSplayer and the Ogg Vorbis files.

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    Thanks. So BSPlayer is now included again? I will try the beta when I get home.

    I also discovered last night that under BSPlayer, I could get the movie playing if I went into the Audio menu and manually selected an OGM stream. However, it would play without sound. But if I stopped and restarted the video, it wouldn't play again until I restarted BSPlayer. So I do think it is a BSPlayer problem and I made posts on their forum as well.

    BTW, I believe I have the latest BSPlayer (unless they released another in the last couple of days). Build 810.

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    Exactly the same problem , but my player was Media Player Classic


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