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Thread: Riaa Did A Good Thing

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    u guys must be thinking im an *sshole but really i have a different view, because they attacked the fasttrack network, ppl have gone and created their own and more efficient networks and now ppl are converting to networks like ares and edonkey and overnet networks. Anyone wanna flame?

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    That theory of Survival of the fittest. The weakest ones get eaten up so only the best survive.

    Would that make them wolves?

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    Originally posted by Ariel_001@11 August 2004 - 18:37
    Would that make them wolves?
    Oi! Show some respect for these noble mammals!

    Hyenas at best... Rabid hyenas probably.

    @Chaos: nothing proves that the other networks won't be next though!

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    That might be true. But sooner or later the RIAA is going to go after other networks. More will rise, then they'll then go after them. It's going to be a never ending process. They'll never win.

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    if the RIAA goes after bittorrent, i swear to god i'm gonna buy that sniper rifle i saw 2 days ago and go after em, ZIS MEANS WAR

    Jeff Loomis: He's so good, he doesn't need to be dead to have a tribute.

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    If RIAA achieves ANY legal precedent for taking down general-purpose file-sharing networks in their battle versis Kazaa/FastTrack, then it will actually ACCELERATE their efforts against most of the other big networks.

    RIAA+MPAA+BSA have been attacking Gnutella, E-Mule, and BitTorrent already as well -- it's just not as obvious yet as what they're doing on Kazaa/FastTrack network.

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    If you build a smarter mouse trap, you will get a smarter mouse.

    Tech evolution is key.....

    "Laziness is the mother of invention." --SomeDumGuy

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    File-sharing technology won't be able to evolve if too many nations' courts rule file-sharing illegal and any use of it is a crime.

    ISPs could be forced to monitor, block, and report ALL internet activity of its users (in some countries they has already.)

    Running a file-sharing p2p app on another ip port won't hide it either -- the packet-sniffing tools ISPs have now can EASILY spot almost every kind of file-sharing app there is.

    Unless there's a much stronger public outcry, instead of just grumbling, it will get worse instead of better -- because lawmakers are being handed big wads of money and told to 'do the right thing' to protect their industries.


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