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    I just reformatted and made 3 partions instead of just 1....and i double clicked drive D and E and it said i had to format so i did C drive i just want Windows on and on my D drive i wanna install the programs...and my files and stuff on E drive...

    but the default program files folder was in C, so I just copied it to D...and some programs I can change to install to the D drive but others wont let me change the these go directly to there a way i can change thsi so all my programs install on the Program Files folder in my D drive??


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    It wouuld be better to re-install. B)

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    i think with tweakui or tuneup utilities 2004 or something, u can change where the program files folder is...

    easier to just have all apps installed to ur c drive though, it saves u having to delete them from ur d drive when u format the c drive\windows partition.

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    hmm...well i made the Windows file only 5 i cant...ill try to dl tweakui


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    hmm how do you actually do it with tweakui....i went to My Computers > SPecial FOlders > then installation path...and changed it to D:\Program Files, restarted, and it still wont install there....

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