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Thread: Prank Calls?

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    what crank calls do u guys do? some of the best are the jerky boys on kazaa. u kick my dog!!
    post em!

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    What happens if the person you called had caller ID?

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    Filecomedy - prank phone calls) -- poop in my car.mp3
    Length:3625795 Bytes,3541KB

    File:[COMEDY] - Jerky Boys - 1 800 How's My Driving.mp3
    Length:2564224 Bytes,2504KB

    File:`comedy` - prank phone calls - jerky boys - furby prank call.mp3
    Length:2200137 Bytes,2149KB

    File:arnold schwarzenegger pranks - calls asian escort service second call.mp3
    Length:1071156 Bytes,1046KB

    File:jerky boys - aol prank phone call.mp3
    Length:1685504 Bytes,1646KB

    File:prank calls - arnold schwarzenegger - gay & lesbian center.mp3
    Length:4777984 Bytes,4666KB

    What happens if the person you called had caller ID?

    I called AOL tech support with a few different soundboards before, it was hilarious, should of recorded them

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    if he had caller id id let him call me back and then get him again!

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    Originally posted by The_Great_Dude@23 March 2003 - 21:58
    What happens if the person you called had caller ID?
    That's why u find a Pay Phone in a deserted sort of area with hardly n e people around. lol that quater pays for your ID to be kept a secret!

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    you guys need to go to they have some good soundboards there. works too


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