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Thread: Cannot Partition Primary Drive

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    I went to partition a laptop with Acrions Partition Expert which has XP on it, the current setup is a FAT16 partition of 32mb about 8 mb being used for system diagnostics, then a 37gb partition the primary with about 7gb being used, then 7.044mb unallocated partition at the end of the drive which if I am not mistaken is created be xp as some sort of buffer or whatever at the end.

    Now every time I select the primary 37gb partition which I want to break into 10gb for os and the remainder for data it says that the min and max partition space I can make the new partition is 7.044mb (not gb), the same size as that partition of unallocated space at the end of the drive.

    I had though to try and make the unallocated of 7.044mb larger but it wouldn't allow this, although do I have to make it NTFS first, just didn't think fking with it was a good idea anyway. I also thought to make the primary drive smaller and then maybe get an unallocated space and when it starts to analyze the primary drive after awhile it just stops and does nothing.

    Considering Ive never had this problem before I thought I'de leave it alone for a bit until I can figure out why the primary partition only wants to allow to create a new partition of the space of the unallocated partition...

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