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Thread: Computer Goes Nuts

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    I installed bootskin on an otherwise healthy computer, and it's fecked. I restarted, the new skin came up, and *boom* BSOD with instant reboot. Last known good config just causes another crash, I've used safe mode to do a sys restore but it just fails (I'm back in safe mode (or at least the low-col, low-res box that looks like it) with a "sys restore failed, no changes made" message).

    Right now, whenever I start the laptop, I go into the safe mode-style box immediately, and Norton won't start How can I fix this mess ? Anyone have a similar problem ?

    A format is the VERY VERY LAST option. There's nothing vital on the HDD, but I'm not giving up 10 gigs of ROM's without a fecking fight. Plus I hear Compaqs are a bitch to format...

    Help ?

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    Try doing error checking.

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    Well, apparently Bootskin doesn't play nice with certain drivers... in this case, it f*cked up Norton (switched to AVG now) and the vid card drivers (reinstalled);

    For the moment, everything seems to work. Fingers crossed.


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