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Thread: Kazaa Down

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    I'd been using Kazaa for a long time, then got a virus in my system, and it was still working, but as soon as I got rid of the virus, Kazaa stopped working, it starts to open then crash.

    after all the p2p programs are considered, which one is best for DL of movies. I also use BT but the uploading as I'm downloading sucks up my bandwidth hardcore and then I get a call from my ISP

    are there any other progs that dont upload as I download?


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    All GOOD programs require you to upload as well.

    Leeching is bad, mmmkay.

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    I dont leech its just that I prefer to download the movie first then share, that way I use up my bandwidth as quick

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    Get the ABC client for Bittorent.
    I think you can limit your upload speed with that.

    And it sucks to hear that your ISP complains about you using the bandwith you paid for

    Thank God mine doesn't do that!
    One time I almost tripplecrossed my monthly bandwith limit and I got not one complaint about it.
    instead they introduced me to the "get 5 extra gigs for 5$ without experation date"

    They're really sweet


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    BTW, in theory a 56k modem can download 12 GB in 1 month.
    I personally remember downloading about 750 MB in 4 days and only being on about 8-12 hours each day on one -- found a short-lived FTP site years ago and downloaded everything on it.


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