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Thread: Help I'm New At This

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    I installed a new video card Nvidia geforse2 MX-400 64ltv. I can play audio to my TV but no video. My TV screen only shows the windows wallpaper. I know this works since I was able to watch a few minutes of a movie once than while playing around with the computer it was gone again. I should have left it alone. I tried winvdv 4 that came with my card and Windows player 9.

    What do my settings have to be on my computer to make this work? I've tried everything!! I may have to go back to actually renting movies.

    Any advise would be great.

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    I had this problem (I have the same card) and found 2 ways to fix it:

    1) if you are using clone view (within nview) to transmit the picture, set the TV as the primary display. This means that you will now get no video on your monitor, but it will appear on the TV.

    2) If you are using XP, you can use it's multiple monitors feature (in display properties). Hook your TV to your video card, reboot and go into display properties --> settings.
    You should see a representation of 2 displays. Right click the second and make sure "attached" is checked (but you don't have to set it as primary display).
    Then look to the bottom of the dialogue box and check "extend my Windows desktop onto this monitor". Press OK.
    You can then send any application (including your video player) to the second monitor (TV), which means you can carry on working in Windows or anything else on your monitor. This is the set up I use, for exactly this reason.

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    right I've had this one, tho not with this card.

    It showed all the computer screen activity until you played a film and then went black!

    stupid as this might sound I switched the TV output to primary display and it worked!

    don't ask me why it just did, give it a try and tell me if it worked, I'm curious to find out if this is a comon problem

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    Thanks for the reply. but is clone video?? I'm using Windsow ME and how do I change the monitor to the TV as the primary. I'm really new to all this. A few weeks ago I only used this thing for e-mail!!!

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    If you can see your desktop on your TV you must have enabled clone view when you set it up. The way to get into it depends on which version of the drivers you have but basically...

    Right click anywhere on the desktop and click "properties"

    Click the "settings" tab

    Click the "advanced" button

    Click the "GeForce MX/MX 400" tab

    Here it depends but on my version (the latest drivers, 41.09, which you can get from the nvidia website),a box opens to the left of the dialogue box you are in. In here:

    Click "nView display mode"

    Check the button for "clone view" (if it's not already checked)

    Right click the screen that says 2 and click "primary display"

    Click "OK" on everything and there you go.

    Like I said though, this will mean you can't see the video on the monitor, you'll just get the black screen like you had on the TV, so you'll need to switch back to get that.

    Good luck, and hope it works for you.

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    Thanks to everone. I reinstalled all the programs and that seems to have worked.

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    I think you needed to check the overlay setting.


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