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Thread: I Need A Warhammer Codex, Please Check Here For!

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    Hey ther, :helpsmile:
    I have recently been downloading a few of the codices from GWs game Warhammer, Warhammer 40k, and others. I am looking for one last codex before I stop (feeling guilty). I just need the beastmen codex known as "Codex: Beasts of Chaos".

    I feel GW owes me something for spending over 1500$ on there sh!t!!! After all these books cost 40$ and are only the size of a magazine! :helpsmile:

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    Great... I fianly find it from a guy named "Unknown" who isn't online and it won't connect...

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    I didn't find it on (what's left of) the fasttrack network.

    But there's an ed2k link for it :

    Maybe you should try your luck in Bookworld, in the request section, to be more precise...


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