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Thread: Does Anyone Know This Track

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    :helpsmile: Ok, there is a triphop group that sampled some music from the movie "James Bond Goldfinger" i thought it was portishead but i looked for it and can't seem to find it, it could also be massive attack.

    If anyone knows what i am talking about, please help

    thanking you

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    I don't know if this will help, but these are the closest I could find. Good show with the Trip Hop and all. Hell, Tricky and Portishead have done more for me in the female area than Prince ever did! Enjoy!

    Wagon Christ's 'Throbbing Pouch'
    Sneaker Pimp's '6 Underground'

    plus, on Portishead's second album "Portishead" there was one song that had spoken voice lifted from some old movie that I couldn't place. I can't find the album (I've looked) but I remember thinking that I saw the film that the voice was lifted from.....

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    Ey thanks buddy, i'll check those out


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