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Thread: How To Dvd Author...what Program

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    after i use isobuster to create and filter mpg3 files...i wanna turn my mpg into dvd's...what is the quickest program and how fast in normally takes...i use nero 6 and it takes 12 to 13 that 2 long..the dvd ends up bein like 4.0 gigs.....i also then shrink it 2 about 2 gigs...

    ps can i keep using dvd shrink on a dvd and keep makin it smaller and smaller...

    dont get mad at me and thanks for da help

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    no help guys

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    For completely converting a file to DVD VOB files the quickest program I've used is Winavi, it works well enough and converts a film in about 2 hours, however TMPGenc is widely considered the best and on my PC takes a little under 3 hours.

    If you already have the correct mpeg file and are ready to author it then use TMPGenc author, it takes about 15 minutes.

    Don't use nero for converting, only burning. As you've discovered - it sucks

    Edit: Oh yeah, there is a great guide here
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    yeah, winavi is great!but i gotta admit, sometimes it doesnt work on some movies, but which ever movies it doesnt work on i just use TMPGenc and although it takes that bit longer (about 2 hours) while winavi takes 20 minutes, it always works


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