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Thread: Wireless Lan Troubles

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    Ok I was prity sure this was not goin to go smooth. I have a Linksys Wireless -802.11G/b Broadband router with 2 PC computers with Linksys Wireless 802.11G PCI cards and 1 Laptop with integrated wirless 802.11b. I can get the router set up sharing internet from one of the computers with a PCI network card and that can be accessed from all the computers except the laptop . It can access all network resources files printers gaming but i cant get the thing to access the shared internet connection. I am using Windows ME on the laptop and XP on the other machines. I use all the same options for the laptop but it just shows a Server or DNS server cannot be found.
    The settings i used are TCP/IP using DNS server and gateway on and this works on all computers except the laptop.
    I understand this may be a software issue but i felt it to be more a hardware due to the network but if i posted this in the wrong place please me it.
    Thanks again

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    thanks Cygnuz-Y but ive been through that apge as i did a bit of googling before posting but i doesnt seem to hold the answer im looking for. .
    Thanks anyway really appreciated B)

    Back to square one anyone? :helpsmile:

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    upgrade to xp if the laptop can take it, if not use 2000, 9x is crap. i had loads of problems with me on a wireless network.


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