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Thread: Dvd Burning Programs

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    I am using Nero 6 at the mo... along with several other programs.
    I am pretty new to all of this burning CD's / DVD's etc, and i guess i am just playing around and trying to learn as i go.
    The thing is i am having a few proplems with Nero and the other programs converting video formats and trying to get them to fit on one 4.7 disk, etc
    Can anyone advise me where is a good place to get some good beginners knowledge. Also what programs are the best ones that cover the latest video and burning tools
    Any help would be great

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    a good place where youcan learn a lot and have some fun is at
    just take a look at the guides,tools and forums if you want more just sign in and go to the forums and learn more.this is a great place to learn


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