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    any one else gettind cut of using telewest 1.5?/tryed most the clients but when the speed gets high say 150k down & 28up my status light goes out and i have to reboot modem most ennoying!

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    That's either a windows problem or a computer hardware problem -- such as a flakey modem. It is VERY unlikely that it's caused by your Blueyonder/telewest 1.5meg connection.

    If you haven't, do a thorough cleanup of windows -- remove spyware, adware, viruses, temporary files, cookies, all the temporary internet cache files, empty C:\Windows\Temp entirely, and even clean your desktop.

    Run Scandisk (although you don't really need to use the 'thorough' setting.)

    This should eliminate glitches caused by junk.

    Find and run most/all Microsoft Windows patches, program upgrades, upgrade hardware drivers, and flash the Bios on hardware like your motherboard, LAN card, router (if you have one), and modem.

    That should eliminate most hardware problems.

    Any remaining issues are probably caused by physically broken or crappy hardware.

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    150k down & 28up
    I agreed with Switeck plus also I had a similer problem because I was uploading to fast slow it down to around 20up then just upload for longer once you have your file.

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    i get same problems on BT Broadband 1.1 sometimes u need to limit upload, try to keep below 25 KBPS and replace modem if possible thenno need to limit it. ISP modems are crap and noy good on loads of connections

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    thanks for the replys people i have lowerd up speed to 25kbs and it seems to have done the trick


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