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Thread: Computer Freezes

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    When I web view some pages that have video content or something like that my computer feezes. One of the web pages my computer freezes on is I'm very confused and I need somebody to please help me out so that this can stop.

    ~I have DSL internet
    ~Windows ME is my system
    ~96.0 RAM
    ~33% Free memory

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    Used to have the exact same problem when I tried to view webpages with flash files embedded in them.

    You could definately use more RAM, but it'll be wise to test your existing RAM so you know it isn't corrupt. memtest86 should be your first stop.

    Also, take a really close look at your motherboard before you spend any money.
    One or more mobo components may have died, or be defective.

    That's what my flash problem was. Blown capacitor on the mobo was causing a total system freeze when viewing flash objects.
    It would handle anything else though. Made troubleshooting very difficult.
    If any of the capacitors are bulging at the top even slightly, they are dead, and so is that mobo.

    I also recommend getting rid of WinME. If you can't afford to upgrade your system so it'll run XP, Win2000 should run okay on your current setup.
    It's a helluva lot more stable than wobbly old ME.

    Good luck


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