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Thread: Whats Your Favorite Madden 05 Play?

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    I have this thing where I'm always the Steelers, but I'm sure this play is in most playbooks. It's in the shotgun normal formation called "deep outs" Burress and Ward both run identical routes. They run about 10 yards then bolt for the out of bounds. I always roll out to the side with most field to play with. Then if you got man coverage its pretty much automatic. When they're in the short zone its dangerous to pass because it can easily be picked off but then theres Randel El the 3rd reciever whos running a deep fly pattern whos normally mismatched with a Linebacker or saftey and has a better than good chance of catching the ball for some good yards.

    Although this year I am having tons of problems establishing a running game with the Steelers, which has been my staple for the past two years. Anyone have a good running play that gets good tough yardage?
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    I would tel you but don't come out here till 17th of September in Australia

    Ive played all madden since 1993 however

    how many new playbooks are there/?

    I can't wiat for it

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    Whats Your Favorite Madden 05 Play?
    The one that scores the touchdown....
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