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Thread: D-link Router One Computer Getting Awsome Speed

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    OK forwared the ports to my laptop and i get great speeds all the time on bt around 100kbs to 200kbs depending on the seeds well on the other computer i did the excat same i forwared the ports and using the same program and using the same download to to test it i get only 1-4kbs maybe max 12kbs and the light always stays yellow so i went to run typed cmd got the correct ip forwared to that ip and still a yellow light left a 698mb file on all night to see if it would go green no look any way help would be apreicated.

    Oh and i dont run the both torrents at the same time that would make the ports usless

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    If you are using XP, disable the built-in firewall.
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    Im using xp and the firewall is already disabled

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    You must assign each pc to a different IP with ports fowarded, thus the lap may be fowarded on IP and then the other on Generally creating a static IP for each pc in this situation would also be a good idea, for info on this read...

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    Done that ages ago lol ive got it t work now the light goes green thanks for the help tho


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