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Thread: System Clock Messing Up

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    Ok, I updated my system clock with at 3:10 PM. It said it was successful. Then, around 3:30 I noticed my clock said 2:30. What happened to it? I updated it again, but it did not change to 3:30. So I updated it manually. The only odd thing I can think of happening at this time was when i was using a MIDI Playback Program called Power Tab and it was silent when i pushed play. Then i stopped, pushed play again and it worked.

    Has anyone experienced their system clock malfunctioning?

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    Daylight savings time ? Wrong time zone ?

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    haha, it's not daylight savings time. We're in August

    The time zone is correct

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    Originally posted by ninjamonkey@13 August 2004 - 20:46
    haha, it&#39;s not daylight savings time. We&#39;re in August

    The time zone is correct
    at least your calendar is working ok

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    It happened to me one or twice.
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