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Thread: Help!

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    I downloaded dreamcatcher 1 & 2 (tso).avi... it plays on AVI preview but not when I try to play from windows media player. #2 works, just not #1. I went ahead & burned the CD anyway, but it still won't play. what's up with that? I have dvix & xvid codecs w/ nemo 5.0 beta. (I disabled th dvix & xvid codecs on Nemo. Got any ideas? also, AVI preview shows that a mp43 codec is to be used...shouldn't there be one in the Nemo build? ..should I add something, or download a different codec pack like SLD codec?

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    So both files work in AviPreview? Did you use TMPGenc to encode? If there is a black screen while encoding, then there will be a black screen in the final one.

    Try using VirtualDUB and scan for errors on part 1.

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    yes, they both work on AVI preview. I notice that when playing the 1st one, it hangs up & doesn't start right away, where as on the 2nd one, it plays right away..not sure if that means anything. I have TMPGenc downloaded, but have never used it. I haven't run it through gspot yet.

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    If it works in avi-preview it could be a problem with Windows Media Player. Try it in a different player, such as Zoom Player.

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    Ok, I'll try that. Thanks! ALso, neither will play on Kazza theater

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    I have WMP9.. it says it will play avi and nemo 5.0 shows to have mp43 decoders. This is what is showing to be needed by gspot .. I;m stumped.

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    I find PowerDVD XP works amazingly well with the files that usualy do not work on Windows Media Player.


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