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Thread: How To Preview An Incomplete Avi File.

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    The problem with AVI files is that only the header at the front of the file stores the file and codec information so I can play the first part of a file but any others are seen as not being divx based AVI.

    Not even videolan can play it which can play just about anything.

    I was wondering if there is any way to preview such a file by somehow forcing the use of lets say the divx codec without actually changing the fourcc code of the separate part files.

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    Thanks, If I use the copy option it does copy it to a single file that is playable but still only if the first section is playable or.
    I never tried that before as but it works.

    I do have some files were the beginning is not complete but some parts in the middle or end are and I don't know of a way to preview those parts.

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    From eMule FAQ:
    Preview only works when the first and last parts have already been downloaded and enough space for the preview file is available on your Temp disk.
    Source: eMule FAQ


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