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    Hi i have a problem whit my computer and Unreal tournament 2003 when i play it than it dosent run good and in the game al the details are on [normal so not high] and the resolution is on 1024x768 32 bit] no mater what i try it still dont run wel its like you play UT online whit a 56K modem or other slow conection
    so can any one tel me what is rong her?

    BTW:my computer is an AMD xp 2100 and 512 ram and GF 4 mx 440 64 mb DDR.

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    Try turning off any background programs before starting it. You might want to turn the resolution down, as well, since the GeForce MX card is far inferior to the TI.

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    yeah pretty much what he said your video card isnt that great =\


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