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    I was playing around with Kazaa and found 'jump supernodes'. having read some of the forum I thought that I might need to do this to try and get some of my unfinished downloads completed.

    Since doing this i have not downloaded a single byte onto my unfinished DLs. Is this just coincidence, or have I jumped to another node and so lost my original one? If so how do I get back???

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    SuperNodes are only for searching. Info needed for a download is in .dat files (unfinished downloads).

    Jumping SN's might give you more sources, however, the best method, is to search again for the files that aren't finish and then merge their sources.

    How to Merge Sources:
    • *Lunch K-Dat,
      *Select the two files you want to merge sources,
    !!! Be sure that these files have the same outcome size, the downloads have to be of a same file !!!
    • *Select the old download and click on the [From->To] button,
      *Click Merge,
      *Delete the newly made download,
      *Lunch K-Lite and start downloading.


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