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Thread: Update Bad Ip's?

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    It was suggested that I try updating the "Bad IP's" on my Kazaa Lite? Where do I do that? I know there is that IP Blocker in the Tools section but there haven't been any updates for it since December of 2003?

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    download version 1.4 here copy the files into your kazaa lite folder

    and select to update from PeerGardian.

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    Ok I got version 1.4 but how do I install it over the 1.2 that is currently in my Kazaa? Where do you put these files in the Kazaa folder?

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    how do you know that the bad ip blocker thing works?
    Changed SPAN settings in sig a YEAR after it was removed

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    acutally you need to download 1.5 from it blocks most bad file servers

    ....btw to update it move the files from the zip file and over write the files in the kazaa lite k ++ directory.


    c:\program files\kazaa lite k++
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