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    I have down loaded some videos and can not play them. When I do try a window pops up and says License Acquisiton.
    Now I have an idea that the codec is something to do with it. I saw some codec service packs will this fix the problems I'm having?
    Once downloaded where do I save them?
    Once save will they work automacticly?

    I know I have alot of questions sorry. Like I said I very new to this stuff.

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    Welcome to the board friend have a good look around as this will answer most of your questions, at the very top press the "codecs" and download the megapack.
    1. License Acquisiton :
    This could be because of "drm" a Windows like license where you have to pay to watch them, get the codecs anyway this may sort out the problem.
    2.Codec service packs :
    Yes you will need some sort of pack so you can see/hear ones without the "drm".
    3.Once downloaded where do I save them? :
    You don't the program will do this automaticly for you.
    4.Once save will they work automacticly? :


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