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Thread: Can Anyone Share Their Newsgroups Accouts?

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    my isp doesnt have one

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    Most ISP authenticate that you are a subscriber when using their servers...

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    If you're ok with having a 50MB daily download limit,you could sign up at
    Just have to pay a one-time setup fee of $3.95.
    But 50MB isn't that much
    (Unlimited posting)

    If you're willing to pay for a decent newsgroup account,check out the following providers: good) ( I use this one myself,fair price,3 weeks retention,all the newsgroups you want for your filesharing needs,no posting unless you ask for it)

    But there are lots and lots more.
    just Google for it.

    Just found this list with free newsservers:
    Although none of the newsservers in this list seem to carry the important binarie groups,it might be worth checking out

    Another list of free newsservers (with binaries)

    Hope this is of any help.

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