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Thread: Sygate Or Sp2 Firewall

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    Hi all,

    I been using sygate for a while but for memory usage thought would try windows SP2 firewall see what its like. Its easy to use and good on memory but is it as safe i mean you cannot control it hardly it will update better cos its conencted ot windows update site but is it good.

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    Not having tested the SP2 version INAE but would stick with Sygate. It's respected and you know where you are with it.
    Unless M$ have taken a quantum leap with Windows Firewall, I'd expect shortcomings.
    Obviously, if someone else here has tried and tested it, speak up!
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    i don't like it...not enough configuration in it for me.
    it does have outgoing traffic control though. (the original xp firewall didn't).

    i'd stick with sygate.

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    Well i will give it a while see what it is like. Speed the same and memory usage down. Also passed all firewall tests i threw at it so far


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