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Thread: P2p New To It

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    I am new to this file sharing, on the reccomendation of someone else I installed Kazza Lite. I managed to get it up and running and found it OK easy to use.
    However I now canot get it to run Im not sure if this the firewall on XP.
    I now want to uninstall it and try another type of p2p programme,
    I was wondering which type you would reccomend and where I can download from.

    My other problem is uninstalling KAZZA it tell me its running and wont run the uninstal anybody else have this problem if so how did they overcome it

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    #1Check out your system tray, you will probably find the kazaa icon there. If so right click on it and then click exit. You will now be able to uninstall it....

    #2.You could try connecting to one of the SlavaNap networks for another P2P experience. Here you can find a list of clients:


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