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    B) Hi. I have a sort of problem. I downloaded like 90% of Command and Conquer Generals with the normal Kazaa I had. I Iheard about KaZaA Lite and downloaded it. I cut all the files from the old My Shared Folder and pasted them the the new KaZaA Lite My shared folder. I had a .dat file that was the commanda and conquer game almost fully downloaded. I finished downloading the file with KaZaA Lite but there was a BIG problem. The file download was COMPLETE but it didn't show up in the My Shared Folder. Tthere and it's supposed to be an application file for me to install the game. What do I do? Please help me. I spent over 5 days downloading this file at 3.0kb/s.

    One more thing. Does anyone know how to make the internet faster? I have NetZero HiSpeed. Supposed to be like DSL but it goes WAY TOOO SLOW. I can't afford to buy DSL or COX at this time. The max speed I've had was 6.0kb/s but it dropped to 4.5kb/s. what can I do? Plz Help me.

  2. Games   -   #2 to actually test how fast your connection is for your other problem i didnt read it all..sorry....k read the rest of post just restart your comp

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    ive lost so many files in kazaa. Once i had downloaded all through the night with 60 kbps, and the next morning when i wanted to watch my movie, the pc rebootet, and had deleted the entire shared folder . That sucked. I think you just have to download generals again! sorry

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    try the problems section, i think theres something on both things

    anyway people there will help

    if you are paying alot for this NetZero HiSpeed thing something is veryvery wrong
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    have u done a search on your computer for thye specified file it may just be downloading into a different folder coz remember the shared folders in a different place as i recall i may be wrong but just do a seach on you computer c wot that comes up with

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    If U change a .dat files folder, then when the file finishis downlaoding, it will go to it's orginal folder.

    Say U start downlaoding a file in C:\My Shared Folder, then in the middle of the downlaod, U change it to C:\Kazaa\My Shared Folder, when the files finishes downloading, it will "go" to C:\My Shared Folder...

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