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Thread: Prince In Concert

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    Just saw Prince at the MCI Center in DC on Friday night.

    This is second time I saw him (the first was at Constitution Hall) but this time he performed on an arena stage (I was in the 101 section).

    For those who can see him on tour this year I highly recommend it. They gave his new CD Musicology free of charge.

    He had a sexy female sax player and did about 30 minutes of the show with no band at all....just him and his guitar. The man is pure talent.

    His drummer was amazing as well.

    GO SEE HIM!!!
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    Originally posted by Busyman@15 August 2004 - 22:14
    He had a sexy female sax player
    Prince just wouldn't be Prince without sexy chix in the band, would he?

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    who me?
    ya, i heard about it on dc101 (elliot in the morning). im not a prince fan tho. but i am a fan of hot women B)


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