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Thread: Avi Joiner Problem With Virtual Dub

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    Originally posted by angel_of_death57@16 August 2004 - 11:56
    Well i get this error

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    [img]' width='200' height='120' border='0' alt='click for full size view'>

    I followed this guide

    anyone help me out
    You can try converting the audio to a same format.

    Extract the audio on both video. Convert to a common format (MP3 is good). Put audio back in again..

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    Well i checked with G-Spot its AC3 format and excatly the same i had this problem with all video files.

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    VirtualDub can not deal with AC3 or "MP3 VBR"

    you need to use VirtualDubMod instead

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    is that on videohelp

    EDIT, I downlaoded it and still get same error

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    I dunno, but some info on the popular doom9 website

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    Well not working VirtualDub Mod

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    a quick run through the procedure (just to be on the safe side)

    Video > Direct stream copy

    File > Open video file [select the first file]
    at this point you may get an error message saying improper VBR audio encoding, do you still want to rewrite the header - select No

    File > Append segment [select second file]

    File > Save as...

    If all this aint working then you must have a corrupted avi file

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    Ive tried that still got problems, i tried it with different split avi's.

    Its always done it i don't get VBR error but it is defently AC3 audio and not corrupt i checked

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    If your not bothered about the Ac3 sound (which really is a pity) go get Avi2Vcd - once on go to Audio Decompress find your files and decompress this will give you about 2x1600 (for 2x700) meg files, you now have video with normal audio.
    Reopen VirtualDub and join them both up on saving make sure video is on "direct stream" and pick your compression for the audio presto one file with 2 audio streams, at least you'll have joined them just won't have ac3 sound.

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