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Thread: Bittorrent Makes My Machine Blue Screen!

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    I have visited the official Bittorrent FAQ located at , and it tells you this:If you have a DSL modem, especially an Alcatel, you should upgrade your drivers. If you have a Linksys network card, you may have to upgrade your network card drivers as well.

    I have the Linksys 10/100 v.5 or whatever, but it is version 5. Now I'm trying to get the latest driver upgrade for my Linksys card which is March 24, 2004. The most recent updated driver can be found here: Linksys Upgrade Driver but it doesn't say if it's for Windows 98SE, which is what I have. So I am not about to sign-up and give these people my information and email when I don't even know if it's the one for my OS.

    If someone has the most recent upgrade for this specific NIC card, and my specific Operating System, please let me know. I think a lot of people will want to know as well.

    P.S.: Winmx site has some information as well, and they offer you the link to upgrade the drivers, but the links do not work!!

    Peace out!

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    Try another client.

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    Windows 9x don`t have a good tcp/ip implementation. It not sutted for p2p networking...

    You should upgrade to win 2000 or XP

    and you can find the drivers to your card at the official website

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    Only thing that worked for me was a re-install of xp.
    Need a cheap/easy way of modding your xbox? Check this out.

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    The problem is Your NIC SUCKS!
    I use to have a NetGear FA311 when i connected with dsl it was fine as soon as i got cable after using BT for a while my comp would lock-up. I took out that piece of crap card, connect through the usb and all is good. Some sites will tell u to d/l SHAD0W'S client and set the connections to >40...this does work in most cases, but this is only a work around...
    The reason your comp locks-up or reboots is cause those NIC's listed cant handle unlimited connections.
    You aren't gonna want to believe me cause the solution may cost you some money, but if you have a usb port on your modem test that way


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