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Thread: Stop Access To My Hd From Other Users On The Same

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    i use a family pc but i have a 120 gig hd (my pride and joy) but my sister keeps messing around on it listening to my mp3s whic i dont want as it is mine how do i restrict this harddrive so only i can view and write files to it?

    im on windows home edition if that helps

    thanks in advance

    any ideas why i cant check that box to do what i want to do which is to stop other users accessing my hd

    btw: i have administrator privaleges

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    Put the folder you have all of your personal stuff in, into your "My Documents", then make sure you are the only one with admin powers, then no one will be able to mess with your stuff.

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    no can do mate its a seperate drive my c:/ drive is only 40 gig cuz it is partioned

    any other ideas

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    Move your own "my documents" folder from C and then put the mp3s inside the my documents folder. It worked for me.

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    too bad you have Home. it's teh suck.

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