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Thread: Windows Xp Key Shower

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    Well I, believe it or not, run a fully legal version of winXP Home Edition and I think the tag with the CD Key fell off or something for it is missing on the cd case and booklet....

    So i'm wondering does anyone know where I can get a CD key SHOW-er for winXP Home? I've only found Changers which don't show my current Key...

    Thank You

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    err.. I'm not sure if this is in violation of the forum rules (section 8), so all I'll say is

    Search for "XP key viewer" at

    ... and hope I don't get my butt kicked by a Mod.

    Edit: cautionary approach

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    There is a program which shows the current installed XP serial. I have it and would gladly send it to you (E-mail or otherwise).

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    hmm strange i replied to this once before with a link to the file but its gone now , oh well , if it was a mod that deleted it or something sorry you didnt like my post, heres the link again.

    XP Product Key Viewer


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