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    i nearly allways use the AVI preveiw , but some time i find a movie file with over 20 users or more and no coments added by the users. so it would look at frist glance as a real file , if you download a fake or re named file how do you add a fake warning to the file name so it apears in the [COLOR=red]INTEGRITY or ARTIST . i tryed righ clicking the file and using the renamed on my computer but i cannot see the details only the file name .

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    In kazaa lite you can go in the "my kazaa lite" windows and then by right-clicking the file choose "edit details..." this will allow you to edit these details....

    But i'm not sure sharing Fakes will help .... even if renamed...

    Hope it will help..

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    thanks thats what i needed to know, if more people flaged a fake file it would save us a lot of time .

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    I usually add a text file in my shared with the same name as the fake, Just to let ppl know file xx is fake and don't bother with it.

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    Or, you could delete the fake.

    If you like it, you can actually rename the file to what it should be, and then edit the details. Presto! No more fake file.

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