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Thread: Reporting Child Pornography

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    Hello -I am somewhat new to Kaza so I am sorry if this question has been already answered. I accidentally stumbled on some child pornography. The artist and user was listed....they are blantantly describing their files.
    Is there a way to report this? Is there already somebody tracking these artists and users - I am sure IP addresses can be obtained ????? I want to report to the authorities but thought I would first post this to the forum and see if others are also reporting this shit....

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    There has been some talk about it but i cant find the post/topic where that happened.
    Maybe the other guys will respond. There is ppl here who is against child porno.
    ME included.

    Just wait a bit, things will pop up.



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    Read through this and maybe p.m. some of these people.

    Good luck
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    Originally posted by tracydani@24 March 2003 - 10:22
    Read through this and maybe p.m. some of these people.

    Good luck
    Sicko's Part II is a good thread to read about this, but it's getting a bit long (15 pages) so it's been concentrated into Sicko's Part III. Everything useful from Part II and Part I in one thread.

    Sicko's Part III


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