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Thread: Star Wars Galaxies

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    Hi my mate just got star wars galaxies.
    It looks really good but i don't know about the paying monthly. i dont really pay for any of my games let alone paying and then paying again every month! i don't know if i would play it that long anyway.
    Anyway i just wondering if there is anyway i could get this game for free off Kazaa lite. ive had a look but i can't find anything and if i do get a copy can i play it online for free?

    Cheers for any response anyone gives.

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    Nope. There is no way to get this game for free from kazaa or any other file-sharing network. Access to the game is via a key-code from the box and further play is either by credit card or another code purchased in shops. There is no way to hack it, and downloading a copy will still require you to have a key-code.

    You just missed out on the recent free demo of the game (they gave 2 weeks for free).

    I tried it out but found it was too time consuming and probably not worth the 1 quid/dollar a day it would cost to play.


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