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Thread: Dat Conversion To Winmx Files?

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    Have stuck with KL 2.43 to finish video files but of late dl'g has become virtually a waste of time.

    Have been using KCF to create new dat's when I find a file I need with search (old ones don't often connect but they're NOT corrupted).

    DOES ANYONE KNOW OF A SIMPLE PROGRAM like KCF OR a PROTOCOL (w/o getting into hash's) that will convert old KL dat files to dl files that winMX will recognize and finish?

    I need ~3 gig total to finish 30 gig of partial files.

    Suspect a lot of others are in the same boat


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    well one thing you can do is. . .
    with KDat rightclick the dat file>select "extract data>good blocks: only first"
    then with winmx search for the same file and select: manually resume>manually browse for file to resume from.

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    thanks, will try your procedure


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