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Thread: Blowing A Trumpet

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    Gee I'm risking a nosebleed coming this far from soft-& hardwareworld!

    Not being one to blow my own trumpet, so to speak, it feels a little strange to be proud enough to brag about something.

    However, I'd like to promote my (14 year old) son's manipulative graphic work, as seen in my sigs and his DeviantArt pages. He seems to be getting some encouragement from a few people (including myself) and his stuff just gets better all the time.

    He has made both my sigs so far and unless he decides to qut altogether, I'll continue to let him do them for me; that is, when he gets time away from doing other people's sigs!

    Anyway, thanks for making an old man proud, boi.
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    static hum
    yeah, nice workness!
    and ooh he's a Deviant!
    /me will have to drop by and post on his page

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