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    It did not take long, Pros point to flaws in Windows security update

    Last week, German company Heise Security announced that two flaws could be used to circumvent the new warnings that Windows XP Service Pack 2, or SP2, normally would display about running untrusted programs, potentially giving a leg up to a would-be intruder's attempts to execute code on a victim's PC......

    Read All About It Here

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    So Fast, Sp2 is no more 5 days Old

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    Originally posted by bawa@Klite_user@19 August 2004 - 00:22
    So Fast, Sp2 is no more 5 days Old
    As for flaws in XP itself, eEye's Maiffret points out that the update is about making Windows XP more secure by adding new protection features and better configuration, not about finding all the vulnerabilities in the operating system.

    "Microsoft never claimed that SP2 would close all the security holes," he said.


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    Now Now no need for name calling, here is another article for you.

    Bugs, Exploits Dog XP SP2

    Bugs Source

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    Auto update just tried to download it.

    That's been turned off now!

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    my autoupdate does not pick it up yet

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    I switched my auto update off recently as I'll get it when It is included in a magazine...

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    Well i am sticking with SP2 i am happy with it SP1 has more problems with security than SP2

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    oh ya another problem i remembered with sp2 is that automatic updates uses 100% cpu while it's downloading and keeps the hard drive crunchin' away the whole time.


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