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    Ever since I downloaded SP2 when I click on a link now to download something I don't get the option to save as or open anymore windows IE just automatically downloads it too my IE temporary folder which is very annoying!!

    My question is how do I get that option back where i click to download a ZIP exe whatever off the net and it asks me to save as or open??

    Ye yes i know I can easily right click the file and choose but that isn't always the case sometimes it just saves the HTML not the actual file.


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    In windows explorer ( not IE) go to tools > folder options > file types
    scroll down to and highlight zip, click advanced
    put a check in the box "confirm open after download"
    click ok, apply then close

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    it is a security feature that was implemented with SP2, you could always disable those features, have a look at micro$oft$ web site.


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