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    I went to this bit torrent site and tryed to download a movie. I clicked on the download and the bit thingy came out and say Error: Problem getting response info Errno 2: no such directory. I then tryed to save target as...and put it in my desktop but it doesn't work because instead a bt file, it's a website(can't really explain). So now how do I download the movie?

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    Problem getting response info - [Errno 2] No such file or directory: "C:\\Documents and Sett..."
    For some reason, Internet Explorer sometimes doesn't save the torrent file in the Temporary Internet Files directory properly. The solution seems to be to right click on the link and choose Save As..., and save the torrent file to disk, and then double-click the file to launch the client. Clearing the IE cache seems to help if this problem is recurring. It seems to be related to torrent files with square brackets (']' and '[&#39 in the filename.

    You also might have to register at the web site it gives you in order to d/l the file you want.


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